Friendship/ Monday

Today is Friendship Monday and I just read a quote that someone posted on Facebook which I thought was interesting. It stated that your “friends do not hang out with people who hate you”. I thought it was food for thought. Just because you and your best bud gets along; does not mean that you and their best bud well get along also. I had a “good” friend and for some odd reason me and some of her friends just never seem to mesh. Unfortunately/fortunatley life happens and me and the “good” friend are no longer friends but me and her once “BFF” are friends.

I think that sometimes people make friendships more difficult then they have to be. The next time you have a girlfriend/friend get together. Encourage love, peace and happiness throughout the room. If the friend that brings everyone together encourages happiness, I bet the entire group well get along. Talk Soon! GHD!

My backsplash

002, It’s not up yet but soon. The backsplash will be in within a couple of weeks. Talk Soon! GHD!

My Fancy Vent Has Arrived

001, The vent is for the Kitchen and it is a beauty. The kitchen should be completed within the next couple of weeks. Talk Soon! GHD!

Sexual Saturday

Today is sexual Saturday and I had an unsuccessful family meeting regarding my mother’s 70th birthday party. The drama at the meeting is not what is important here. The important thing is the lesson I learned from the meeting. You have to know when to give in and let go. I have my ways. However, my ways are not set in STONE. When you can not get your way or your point across decisions have to be made. I was at a stand still with my family regarding almost every aspect of the party. At the end I throw in the towel, waved the flag and decided three against one means I lose. It wasn’t in the plan. I dreamed of the meeting going differently. It was supposed to end with everyone holding hands. My point; life is too short. Don’t fight argue kick and scream. Instead exit the battle, save your dignity and let God work out the disaster. So how did my Sexual Saturday go? I recovered by sending love where it was accepted, refusing to fight a senseless battle and sipped on a latte to soothed my soul.

I hope you had an amazing Sexual Saturday. Talk Soon! GHD!

Fitness Tuesday

On Fitness Tuesday, I received some devastating news regrading a family member. I know we all have this on-going theme of how we are going to get our eating habits right tomorrow. Well, make today the new tomorrow. Start eating right now, excercise today, choose water over caffeinated drinks. Make small steps everyday that can add years to your life. Much Love! Say a prayer for my family. Talk Soon! GHD!

Friendship Monday

Today on friendship Monday, I think it is time to evaluate the friendships in your life. Sometimes we have friends that are draining the energy out of us. Think about why you are holding on to this type of relationship. Is it worth your time, energy and love. Is it healthy for you, providing you with the the spiritual nourishment that you need for survival.

I had to re-think some relationships in my life recently. As a result some people have been cut off of the friendship list. I can no longer allow people to suck the blood out of me like vampires and leave me lifeless. This is the year I am practicing self-love. In order to be anything to anyone else I have to fill myself first. Try revitalizing yourself first, you will find you have mcuh more energy to share.

Love your true friends! Talk Soon! GHD!


I love seeing Broadway plays and I happen to love the ROCKY movies with Sylvester Stallone. So of course when the play came to Broadway I was interested in attending. My expectations were low. I could not imagine how they would recreate it for Braodway. Well, I was pleasantly surprised. It was one of the “BEST” I seen to date on Broadway and I been to a “TON” of Braodway shows. Broadway is my second home.

So if you live in the New York City area get your ticket. The cast is “AMAZING”. In addition to them be amazing on stage they have great personalities. For all you Broadway “goers” if you make your way to the back stage door after the play; to the what I call the “meet and greet” it’s fun times. Most of the cast exit out the door and sign the playbill for those who care and take pictures.

The cast of Rocky exited the door and were so pleasant, down to earth and kind. It is worth mentioning because two weeks prior I went to a Sunday matinee of Cinderella. One of the stars Fran Drescher exited out the back stage door. Did not sign one playbill and kindly did this Miss America wave and left the in her ride.

She had a large crowd waiting for her to come out and one fan even asked her to please sign his play bill. Fran siad “AW” and kept it moving. WOW! Anyway back to the task at hand. Rocky; awesome set, great acting, WORTH the ticket and kid friendly. Hope you attend and have as much fun as I did. The final fight was incredible.

Talk Soon! GHD!


Hello Everyone, It is fashion Thursday and I am enjoying my day so far, even though I am at work. I wishing a fun-filled July 4th for everyone. This brings me to my fashion Thursday. Wear something patriotic this holiday season. It will be fun. I am dressing my son in red, white and blue. I am still in the process of figuring out my outfit. Stay Tuned for the holiday post. Talk Soon! GHD!

Finance Wednesday/ Living Social

Hi Guys on finance Wednesday; I have to give Living Social the thumbs up. I made a TERRIBLE mistake and let one of my vouchers for the first time ever expire. I contacted the vendor first and asked if they would honor the expired voucher. To my SURPRISE the answer was no. It was only expired by one day when I contacted them. Its surprising that they would not honor it. Imagine the opportunity as a business owner that the person missed out on. He missed out on a future customer that might have frequent his business way after the living social voucher. However, now that I know he is not reasonable prior to using him, I would never actually use the business now.

The good part; I called Living Social Customer Service line. I told the representative from the beginning of the conversation that it was MY FAULT. She was kind and resolved my situation in a favorable way. I am so grateful that that in this day and age where customer service his left the building; Living Social gets it. I am a Groupon/Living Social groupie. I will definitely continue to use them. The CUSTOMER SERVICE IS FABULOUS!

By the way t was for a photo session, the person that was not so kind. However, I used another photo session from living social and see was fabulous and I will see you her work once I receive my prints back. Stay Tuned and talk soon! GHD!

Fitness Tuesday/Bed Bath and Beyond

Hello Everyone, I am back on track with my fitness goals. I was at the gym this morning and completed one hour of cardio. I am focused on completing 30 days straight of cardio in the gym. Reconsider your fitness goals and get back on track. For those of you that have completely figured out this fitness thing. Talk to the rest of us. Provide us with some good tips for winning at the fitness game. As a side note; here is my savings tips for the day. Bed, Bath and Beyond always give out 20% off coupons. They are one of the only stores that allow expired coupons and accept the coupon for almost any item in the store. Well’ I was able to use seven coupons and purchased my deodorant, toothpaste, and other personal items with an additional 20% off. It was better than my target discounts. So next time your looking for a deal; try Bed Bath and Beyond. You may just hit the jackpot. Talk Soon! GHD!