Advice to young girls

If I could provide any advice to a young girl out there. Please wait until you are married to have sex. Although plenty of marriages have ended in divorce. I believe that people care about you more when they have committed to spending the rest of their life with you. You dont want to bring another life into a situation where you are not married. Praying for the best for my son.

Pray that today gets better for me

Its been a long time. I am back and promise to write everyday. So I am going through a transition and praying i come out on the other side. I am sitting in Family court right now wondering how did i get here. Asking for your prayers. Because prayers work. I sad right now. Experienicing complete sadness. My vice is usually shopping or a nice chai tea latte. Cant do either right now. More later about my life. Just say a prayer. Love you guys for listening.

My pasta salad for today BBQ

20160702_085310.. my pasta salad for today BBQ… Barilla thin spaghetti noodles… italian salad dressing… tomatoes and cucumbers

My food for today’s event

20160702_091243my salad for today BBQ…. romaine lettuce… cucumbers … tomatoes and Italian dressing

My new dishes

My new dishes

My son and nephew


My new dishes


I am grateful

I am grateful

I am grateful

Me and my friends


My book club members