Fitness Tuesday/10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse

Good Morning Everyone, On this fitness Tuesday I would like to tell everyone about a book by JJ Smith called 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse. I tried it, liked it and would recomend it to anyone trying to decrease the amount of coffee or junk food that they intake everyday. I did a modified verison. Lose some weight but gain a ton of benefits. I had to decrease the amount of Lattes I was drinking. Cut back on the junk food and just learn to eat better. I acheived and the book is very inexpensive. Eating right will add years onto year lifespan. I recommend giving it a try.

Live Well! Talk Soon. GHD!

Friendship/Monday/ Married Men

I was recently asked the question and it is a very important question. Can a single woman have a close friendship with a married man. Here are my thoughts; It can happen only if the married man knows his place, respects his marriage and “NEVER” crosses the line in any way shape or form. I don’t understand why people think that presenting themselves before God and saying that they will stand together through good times and bad is some kind of joke. It was written that way for a reason. Marriage is work. It takes time, compassion and a ton of other things in order to make a relationship of any kind last. During the difficult times; do not find comfort in another person find comfort in your mate. The one you told God you would respect and love “FOREVER”.

I am so tired of people complaining about the mate they choose. Make your relationship work or move on in an honorable fashion. Stop the complaints. The WHOA is me and get yourself together. You have one life to live. Decide to live in peace, harmony and happiness. Seek counseling for your broken relationship and/or wounds. Whatever, you do DON’T bring another innocent person into your web of misery. It is not fair nor is it the answer to your problems.

Your Thoughts! Thanks for listening. GHD!

Spiritual Sunday

Sometimes your heart breaks for people who seem to be in self destructive mood. When you love them, you wish with everything in you that you can help them learn life lessons in the most easiest, harmonious way possible. However, everyone must breath their own breath. Everyone must learn their own lessons. As I write this note. My first born nephew is learning some lessons the hard way. I wish I could turn back the clock and guide him through his storm. The very thought of his punishment makes me want to say God why. Why can’t it be different/ why did he have to go through this triumph. I believe in God and know that he answers prayers. I ask God for forgiveness on his behalf. I ask that you take him through his storm and stand beside him every step of the way. Can you please Dear God as a favor to me; make sure no one hurts him, watch over him and bring him victory in his current situation. At the end of his storm let there be a rainbow that allows him to change his ways forever. May he serve you during his storm and be a blessing to all upon his return. Today is my note to God. All my listeners. Say a prayer for my nephew. Talk Soon! GHD!

My Son’s Birthday Cake/Pink Cake

DSC02426. He was so excited and enjoyed his Birthday Party.

Friendship/ Monday

Today is Friendship Monday and I just read a quote that someone posted on Facebook which I thought was interesting. It stated that your “friends do not hang out with people who hate you”. I thought it was food for thought. Just because you and your best bud gets along; does not mean that you and their best bud well get along also. I had a “good” friend and for some odd reason me and some of her friends just never seem to mesh. Unfortunately/fortunatley life happens and me and the “good” friend are no longer friends but me and her once “BFF” are friends.

I think that sometimes people make friendships more difficult then they have to be. The next time you have a girlfriend/friend get together. Encourage love, peace and happiness throughout the room. If the friend that brings everyone together encourages happiness, I bet the entire group well get along. Talk Soon! GHD!

My backsplash

002, It’s not up yet but soon. The backsplash will be in within a couple of weeks. Talk Soon! GHD!

My Fancy Vent Has Arrived

001, The vent is for the Kitchen and it is a beauty. The kitchen should be completed within the next couple of weeks. Talk Soon! GHD!

Sexual Saturday

Today is sexual Saturday and I had an unsuccessful family meeting regarding my mother’s 70th birthday party. The drama at the meeting is not what is important here. The important thing is the lesson I learned from the meeting. You have to know when to give in and let go. I have my ways. However, my ways are not set in STONE. When you can not get your way or your point across decisions have to be made. I was at a stand still with my family regarding almost every aspect of the party. At the end I throw in the towel, waved the flag and decided three against one means I lose. It wasn’t in the plan. I dreamed of the meeting going differently. It was supposed to end with everyone holding hands. My point; life is too short. Don’t fight argue kick and scream. Instead exit the battle, save your dignity and let God work out the disaster. So how did my Sexual Saturday go? I recovered by sending love where it was accepted, refusing to fight a senseless battle and sipped on a latte to soothed my soul.

I hope you had an amazing Sexual Saturday. Talk Soon! GHD!

Fitness Tuesday

On Fitness Tuesday, I received some devastating news regrading a family member. I know we all have this on-going theme of how we are going to get our eating habits right tomorrow. Well, make today the new tomorrow. Start eating right now, excercise today, choose water over caffeinated drinks. Make small steps everyday that can add years to your life. Much Love! Say a prayer for my family. Talk Soon! GHD!

Friendship Monday

Today on friendship Monday, I think it is time to evaluate the friendships in your life. Sometimes we have friends that are draining the energy out of us. Think about why you are holding on to this type of relationship. Is it worth your time, energy and love. Is it healthy for you, providing you with the the spiritual nourishment that you need for survival.

I had to re-think some relationships in my life recently. As a result some people have been cut off of the friendship list. I can no longer allow people to suck the blood out of me like vampires and leave me lifeless. This is the year I am practicing self-love. In order to be anything to anyone else I have to fill myself first. Try revitalizing yourself first, you will find you have mcuh more energy to share.

Love your true friends! Talk Soon! GHD!